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Project Details


Data Driven Health Care Digital Marketing

Ayesha Health Care Center is dedicated to serving humanity regardless of any boundaries, for it is upon mankind to serve mankind with best of intentions for the best of cause - what Ayesha Health Care Center stand for today, and forever.



Ayesha Health Care Center publish a post on Facebook group, looking for a digital marketing agency that can help them grow as a brand. The main challenge Ayesha Health Care Center was facing inconsistent flow of patients and marketing without informed decisions.

The Health Care industry has rapidly changed in past years and there was a time when only the biggest industry organizations could draw down on healthcare data. That, however, is changing. Data-smart marketing plans are no longer limited to “the big guys.” And that's what exactly Ayesha Health Care was looking for, they're looking for solutions through which they can learn about their patients and able to make informed decisions for content marketing strategies through data analysis.


Saplogics fully understands that data-driven healthcare marketing strategy is essential to competing in today’s consumer-driven, value-based care landscape. A healthy mix of channels (email, social media, call centers, traditional offline advertising, and patient portal) coupled with the right targeting and messaging strategy will get your organization in front of the right people, at the right time.

We carefully analyze the past behaviors of patients diseases respective to age, gender and used propensity modeling to identify individuals who are most likely to respond positively to our campaign. Data analysis also helps Ayesha Health Care Center to anticipate what a patient is likely to do in the future.


The Result of Our Work

Ayesha Health Care Center reap various benefits with the help of data driven marketing strategy within a duration span of 1 month including but not limited to social media channels, inventory losses and doctors management etc. Saplogics and Ayesha Health Care continue to have a great partnership, and we’re exploring working together on future projects.

55% Overall Social Media
80% ROI
45% Followers Increase

From The Client

Thank you for all of your work and information. Your report help us to identify the key factors for growth in shorter span of time. It's such a pleasure to work with you guys - thanks very much.

Dr. Sabah Khamisha
CEO - Ayesha Health Care Center