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With a large range of products, JhaaruPocha is just the right janitorial equipment supplier for the people who want affordable janitorial equipment at their doorstep with ease of return and replacement warranty. At Jhaarupocha, they offer wide selection of cleaning supplies that help keep your entire home clean and free from bacteria with cleaning materials from floor cleaning tools and window cleaning supplies, to brushes, sponges, and scouring pads.



Jhaarupocha had been badly burned in the past. During the launch of their website with another agency, they experienced a significant loss in organic traffic and the website essentially flat lined. This was attributed to what we see all too often, new websites built without a thought of SEO. Without much guidance or effort to reverse the effects from the agency, they reverted back to their original website in order to get traffic back up. With a bitter taste in their mouth about marketing agencies, jhaarupocha reached out to us rebuild their website to once again get them back on track.


Our team got right to work and conducted a website audit to understand just where traffic was coming from to attribute true value to where it belonged. During this discovery process, we learned that much of their traffic was coming from overseas, which was not included in their target market. Taking into consideration their hesitation and fear of backtracking, we laid out a detailed strategy for JP to focus on transferring their existing SEO strengths to the new site and slowly making adjustments to watch for impact, rather than making drastic changes all at once. We also conducted thorough research to predict the drop of irrelevant traffic we would see, and recognized the potential for double the traffic in their target market cities based on keyword volume.

This analysis gave Jhaarupocha the information to put their minds at ease and allowed them to make informed decisions.


The Result of Our Work

Jhaarupocha launched their website seamlessly. Our expertise in web design and SEO worked together to ensure traffic stability during the transition. The new website offers a fresh and easy to navigate user experience while offering a clear path for users to checkout and add products to shopping cart. Early results show increased search rankings in target cities and a steady increase of quality sales.

1.01% CTR
23% less CPA
272% ROI

From The Client

I am highly impressed with Saplogics services. They are indeed a team of creative and skilled individuals. In addition to an appealing and responsive design, they infused my Wordpress website with lots of great features, including easy navigation and quick loading. Great work!

Wajahat Hassan
CEO - JhaaruPocha