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make your own perfume
Online Customized Perfume Store

MYOPPK is one of the growing online retailers and wholesalers of top brand perfumes and colognes in Pakistan. All aroma lovers can design their own customized perfumes or order from newly released fragrances, celebrity perfumes, hard to find, and even discontinued perfumes and colognes with a name print on perfume bottle.



The Global perfume market for sure likes an investment pot! MYOPPK, our client, realized the opportunity; however remained skeptic about the turnout of the new venture- Customized Perfume Ecommerce. MYOPPK had familiar plans to go online and wanted to create a strong customer base in Pakistan.

But before investing, the company wished to ascertain the complex mark that thrives in Pakistan. And to reach its full potential, the company sought to understand the following aspects of the business: Consumer Behavior, User Demographics, Marketing Opportunities, Current Trends and Influence Of Brands.


Saplogics conducted an in depth market research and presented our findings in the form of a concise report. We used numerous methods- both traditional and nontraditional, like going through online perfume market & consumer behaviours, personal interviews, mystery shopping etc.

After conducting depth market research we devise a strategy in which we explain to our client the aspect of business in reference to Web statistics, Bounce rates, SWOT analysis, SEO analysis, Social media marketing stats and audience feedback ratios.

It also helped to gain a broader picture of the perfume market which eventually helps to dispel a lot of beliefs our client has set out with, as a new entrant.


The Result of Our Work

The first ever Customized Perfume Ecommerce launched in Pakistan with an aim to provide users a top-notch experience in perfume ecommerce where customers can customize fragrance on their own choice with a name print on perfume bottle.

Over a 3 month period, Digital Marketing strategy helped MYOPPK website traffic increased over 200%, their Instagram followers increased from 0 organic followers to 1,250.

MYOPPK now has consistent website traffic funneling from their social media channels back to their website resulting 43% visitors into MYOPPK customers.

Website traffic 200%
43% Visitors Conversion
78% ROI in 3 months

From The Client

I am completely satisfied by the quality of work provided. They are incredibly competent in their abilities and have made incredible improvements. I will definitely continue to work with them for all…