Continuing with the exercise of sharing an easily digestible and smaller version of the main updates of the day in the world of AI.

Adobe Immerses Itself in AI, announcing 3 new gen AI models

  • Firefly Image 2 Model: It is company’s take on text-to-image generators, The major perk is the increased quality of renditions, higher resolutions, more vivid colors, and improved human renderings.
  • Firefly Vector Model: With this brand-new addition, Users can leverage gen AI and use a simple prompt to create “human quality” vectors and pattern outputs.
  • Firefly Design Model: It has text-to-template capability, which allows users to use text to generate fully editable templates that meet their exact design needs.

Docker’s new AI solutions for developers: GenAI Stack and AI Assistant at DockerCon

  • GenAI Stack: It is a gen AI platform that helps developers create their own AI applications.
  • Docker AI assistant: Helps deploying and optimizing Docker itself.

ElevenLab have launched AI dubbing

  • With the aim to break down language barriers, It converts spoken content to other languages in minutes, while preserving all of the original voices.
  • 20+ languages, Automatic detection of multiple speakers, Background sounds & noise splitting, and more.

AMD plans to acquire AI software startup to rival chipmaker Nvidia

  •  The acquisition will help AMD boost its software capabilities and develop a unified collection of software to power its advanced AI chips.’s technology enables companies to deploy AI models that are tuned for AMD’s chips more easily.
  • AMD has created an AI group to house the acquisition and plans to expand the team with 300 additional hires this year. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but has raised approximately $36.5 million in funding.

Adobe has created a symbol to encourage the tagging of AI-generated content

  • The symbol, called the “icon of transparency,” will be adopted by other companies like Microsoft. It can be added to content alongside metadata to establish its provenance and whether it was made with AI tools.
  • The symbol will be added to the metadata of images, videos, and PDFs, allowing viewers to hover over it and access information about ownership, the AI tool used, and other production details.
  • This initiative aims to provide transparency in AI-generated work and ensure proper credit is given to creators.

Dropbox’s newly launched AI tools and product updates

  • Dropbox Dash: It is an AI-powered universal search that connects your tools, content, and apps in a single search bar. Ask Dash questions and it will gather and summarize information across your apps, files, and content to get you answers, fast.
  • Dropbox AI: It will answers questions about content from your entire Dropbox account. You can even use everyday language to find content you need. Example: say “what are the deliverables from our Q4 campaign” and Dropbox AI will retrieve the content you need.

Google AI helps combat floods, wildfires and extreme heat

  • Google’s flood forecasting initiative uses AI and geospatial analysis to provide real-time flooding information, covering 80 countries and 460 million people.
  • They’re also using AI to track wildfire boundaries and predict fire spread, providing timely safety information to over 30 million people.
  • Additionally, helping cities respond to extreme heat by providing heat wave alerts and using AI to identify shaded areas and promote cool roofs.

Samsung Electronics plans to launch its 6th-gen High Bandwidth Memory4 (HBM4) DRAM chips

  • The company aims to lead the AI chip market with its turnkey service, which includes foundry, memory chip supplies, advanced packaging, and testing.

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