We’ve read many posts here, and I see that many people are facing the same issues – scaling ad budget.

We won’t try to push some bs down your throats about some secret strategies cause there is none.

Scaling a Facebook ad budget should be simple, but time and time again people, sometimes even us try to overcomplicate everything.

People say – test different audiences, test interests, use ABO, use bid caps, cost caps, use this attribution window.

Some people even think that Meta does not want to help you get sales, so I need to beat Meta at advertising.

Which is foolish.

Facebook ads is an amplifier to your business. It sends people to your website, similar to those purchased from you or your competitors.


You need a superior product, offer, or service.

If you are selling a TV from 2014 and trying to scale, no one can help you.

The next thing you need to have is

  1. Clear target NC CPA or a clear target cost per lead.

P.S. Clear target NC CPA stands for cost to acquire new customer.

You don’t need to look at your link clicks, your ROAS, or your ctr, all of this is useless.

Define clear target NC CPA, cost per lead ( or target CPA if you are selling one product and you don’t have to returning customers)

Use a simple spreadsheet

  • Track your daily ad spend across all the channels
  • Track your daily website revenue ( lead flow, sales close)
  • Track your daily new customers
  • Automatically calculate your target NC CPA/ Overall CPA/ CPL

Look at your last 3-day average NC CPA. If the target NC CPA is under the target increase the spending by 20% or whatever you feel comfortable spending. Sometimes we increase it by 100%.

If you have a longer sales cycle look at your average NC CPA over the last 5-7 days and increase the ad spend by 20% or whatever you feel comfortable spending.

There are exceptions when you can scale it daily, but I’m not talking about those. I’m talking about steady growth.

If you are not hitting your target NC CPA, lower the spend, analyze your ads, and your post-click funnel experience, look at overall funnel data, and find where the problem is.

If you have a superior product/offer/service/ you shouldn’t have an issue.


I hope that this was useful.

If you have any questions comment below or write in PM.

Have a fantastic day. Thanks for reading.

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