How we conduct customer research in order to create ads that speak well with the target audience.

I’m going to note down the most important things to keep it as short as possible for you guys to implement this.


  • Website comments & reviews
  • FB & Instagram comments & reviews
  • Youtube comments
  • Amazon comments & reviews
  • Do a client survey and go through all the reviews


  • Desires that your product is solving for the customer
  • Problems that your product is solving for the customer
  • Benefits that your product has provided to the customer
  • How did your product change or improve the customer’s life
  • Things that they like about your product
  • Things that they don’t like about your product
  • Objections and worries they have before buying the product
  • Recommendations about your product


  • Find 15-20 Most successful brands that are selling the same or similar product
  • GO through their social media and repeat the “2” POINT in this post.
  • Collect competitor offers
  • Go through their product pages to understand their selling structure.


  • Go through their Facebook & Google ad libraries and note down
  • The common hooks they use in their ads
  • Understand what market sophistication they are advertising
  • What are the common desires they are addressing in their ads?
  • What are the problems & benefits they are focusing on?
  • Common ad angles they are using
  • Common creative concepts they are using.
  • The buyer persona that they are speaking to.
  • Filming location
  • Ad speed & length

We have found these things to help us the most to craft winning ad messages with high-converting ads and full advertising funnels.

Use this the next time you do your customer research.

These things will definitely help you craft better ads.

Thanks for reading.

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