AI is poised to transform our world like never before. Scientific discoveries, technological improvements, and medical advancements will be how much of this change will take place.

Since health is so important to our well-being, AI finding cures for illnesses like obesity, cancer, diabetes and heart disease will be a godsend to all. But curing diseases is not how medical AIs can help us the most.

It has been estimated that well over 50% of the illnesses we humans fall prey to result from our ethical choices. We eat too much, drink too much, eat too many animal foods, don’t exercise enough and don’t keep ourselves as emotionally healthy as we could.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could respect our lives and our health enough to make the kinds of choices that keep us much healthier? That is how AI will probably be more helpful to us than in any other way.

We humans have not been able to figure out how to become better, more ethical, people because we are simply not intelligent enough to make that all-important change. Now consider an AI that is two or three times more intelligent than the most intelligent person who has ever lived. This could easily happen before 2030. Imagine that intelligence dedicated to the task of helping us all become better people.

These AIs would motivate us to make better health choices, have healthier relationships, and have healthier thoughts and feelings. Beyond the amazing technological changes that are just around the corner, that is probably how AIs will help us the most.

This is why alignment is so important. It’s not enough to align AIs to always be truthful and serve humanity’s interests. We must train them to help us become better people. It wouldn’t surprise me if by 2030 the whole of humanity experiences a profound ethical reformation that leads us all to enjoy much happier and healthier lives.

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