Over the past 5 years we have spent more than $30 million on Facebook advertising and we have seen a lot.

I remember the times when we made $1 million in sales from just one ad, that we were running for 5months with multiple different interests, lookalike, and custom retargeting audiences.

Back in 2018 every ad that was created made money, all we had to do was be great at optimization and scaling.

Unfortunately, it’s 2023 and it’s quite impossible to replicate the same success with the same amount of creatives that we used back in 2018.

Since the introduction of TikTok, Facebook’s advertising algorithm has changed dramatically.

Right now it’s about creating content (ads) that people resonate with and would like to watch more.

This brings us to the question – ” Is Facebook optimization still relevant?”.

The answer is YES and only for testing and scaling the creative.

You see there are still many “Facebook scaling to the moon, newest optimization hacking, ninja backend master advertisers” using interest, lookalike, and retargeting audiences.

All this does is keep e-commerce brands stuck from actually growing with Facebook ads.

Here is the Facebook advertising structure that we are using since December 2021:

ONE CBO CAMPAIGN PER BUSINESS OBJECTIVE.BROAD TARGETING (no interests, no retargeting)DYNAMIC CREATIVE ad sets for testing using - 3-2-2 method ( 3 creative, 2 ad copies, 2 headlines)ONE SCALING ad set that consists of winning variables from DC tests.

It literally takes us 10-15 minutes to optimize an account.

P.S. This even applies to E-commerce brands that spend $1 million + a month.

The rest of the working day is spent on customer research and developing creatives that resonate with our target audience.

I think I need to repeat this again. We spend most of our time understanding our customers and creating ads that directly speak to our audience.

This is what most successful e-commerce brands do.

They understand their customers and then develop creatives that people resonate with and want to consume more.

Back in 2018, we scaled accounts with just 5 active ads.

Now our ad accounts consist of 50-400 active ads.

Each ad has its own message and is speaking directly to the audience.

To win the game of Facebook advertising in e-commerce it’s mandatory to understand your audience:

  • market sophistication
  • desires
  • pain
  • needs
  • problems
  • the most convenient solution for their problem
  • what type of content do they consume the most
  • what speed they would like to watch the content
  • and many more things ( would be a long list if I would name all)

If you have done deep research on the things that I mentioned above it’s really hard not to succeed in Facebook advertising.

P.S. Of course you shouldn’t sell a dog*** product that nobody wants.

If you have a decent product and you care about your customer experience plus invest man-hours into researching your audience – you will win this Facebook advertising game.

There are going to be a lot of changes in advertising platforms, but the basics will remain.

I hope that this post was valuable to you guys. Just sharing things that have helped us succeed no matter what type of change is happening in Facebook’s algorithm.

Thanks for reading.

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